The ‘Media Consultancy Services’ wing of Wings and Rings Media is a division with experts from media, information and entertainment industries. Updated with all the latest technologies and mediums of communication, Wings and Rings Media provides consultancy in every aspect of media industry for major companies and start ups.

We also apply our understanding of strategy, communication and distribution on behalf of educational technology companies, membership associations and also non-profit organizations.

We have our hands strongly placed on dealing with leading companies spanning all sub sectors of the media and entertainment industry, including diversified media, film, broadcast television, pay TV, radio, publishing, mobile, Internet media, recorded music, Internet service, advertising and public relations.

We work alongside our clients, keeping the following in mind:

  • Help transform their businesses

  • Identify new sources of growth in the digital world

  • Harness the power of big data and advanced analytic

  • Optimize their organization to succeed in a digital landscape

  • Launch new channels

  • Find new ways to cut costs and increase efficiency

  • Achieve deeper customer engagement

We are also attorneys, MBAs, economists, data modeling specialists, circulation specialists, content developers, writers and editors: we have literally handled every aspect of your operation. We also deal with start-ups, turnarounds, re-launches—even infamous 5-year plans.

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We promise you practical strategies, sound execution, and real results, because we have solutions with vision.