Communication channels are everywhere and seem to be expanding. The ‘Communication Strategy Planning’ of the Wings and Rings Media design an effective communication strategy aligned to business strategy and implements it through a well executed Communication plan, which satisfies the needs of our clients and their audiences.

As communication experts we help elevate client image, reputation and profile by creating awareness in the market for our clients. Our communication experts have a clear comprehension of communication and explain the importance of communication to the clients.

We believe in new social channels in the business of our clients and reviewing on how successfully the channels are implemented. We guide them on conducting workshops, making correct and timely use of social media sights and organizing proper events. We typically work by initially analyzing the way our clients use a language and communication channels in the market. We study the minute details and conduct communication audits which helps our clients identify the areas in which they can improvise and implement their changes.

Along with effective communication strategy, we offer a full spectrum of communication services. We deal in:

  • Improving the Inter and Intra Communication

  • Image/Reputation making and management

  • Crisis Communication management

  • Audience Relationship management

  • Public Affairs and Government Relations

We work on the seven-step model:

  • Drive Communication plans into business

  • 3W-1H theory (Who Audience, Why Goals, What Messages and How tactics)

  • Understanding objectives of the Communication

  • Demonstrating a solid understanding of how to underpin the business goals of our clients

  • Ability to communicate with a range of staff on different designation

  • Has top-notch linguistic skills – verbal and written

  • Stays updated with the ever developing communication technologies and techniques used in corporate communication planning.

As Communication Strategy Planners, we practice what we preach. For further information, suggestions and queries, feel free to buzz us on

We give Solutions with Vision.